The Right Price For You

We have evolved into providing a service that will always fit your needs. We offer four plans that should fit your needs.


Get the quickest stock notifications on your desktop PC.

  • Up to 15 daily alerts.
  • Full customization of your alerts. Don't waste a single one on items or retailers you don't care about.
  • Open the alerts directly on your browser. Saving you precious time.

Unlimited daily alerts. One automatic checkout process per month per user.

  • Automatically Checkout on supported sites (beta)
  • Unlimited alerts on our Desktop App
  • Full customization of your alerts
  • A community of more than 120 thousand people ready to help.

Get the quickest stock notifications on your Windows PC.

  • Up to 25 daily alerts.
  • Full customization of your alerts
  • Open automatically in your default browser
  • Open add to cart links automatically on your default browser.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing plans.

We also offer a free default plan with our app. You do not need to do anything to get it other than create an SD account and download our app. Read more about it at

We’re here to help.
Oh, and don’t forget to check the FAQ page below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why us?

We have a custom made solution that combined with our awesome community means that you get the quickest stock notifications. Plus our community is second to none.

Do I need to download anything?

No, you can just follow us on Twitter and use your web browser or Twittter's app. But you'll get the best experience if you join our Discord. We recommend downloading the latest Discord client at

Can I download the source code?

I am afraid the source code for our bot is closed source and we won't be making it available to the public any time soon. We have built in a lot of safe guards to prevent scalping with our tools and we do not want to make it easier for people to abuse our software.

How do you keep the services affordable?

We do our best to bring indirect revenue and donations that allow us to keep everything running while keeping prices as low as possible. Our goal is to democratize the autocheckout software by offering it at extremely low prices albeit in a very limited way. One checkout per month per user we think it's fair.

What products do you track?

We track the latest tech products where stock lasts very short amount of time due to huge demand and low supply. Currently we are tracking the RTX 3000 cards from Nvidia, Zen 3 processors, Radeon RX 6000 cards.